Saturday, 3 September 2011

i love khaki

sup guys! 

long tym no see. iv been very lazy lately, plus a week holiday has j made my life slower and slower. 
my last design project was a bit rushed, so i aint really hoping to get a good mark for that one. the new one is about infographics, which iv chosen online retails as my topic, i mean i buy alot of things off the internet, i reckon this topic is very appropriate for me ae…
i love khaki…yes!! i dont usuallly like green related colors but khaki is just sooo irresistible…especially when meets silver or gray, like this tee i got from…my last pocket tee got hair dye on and couldnt be saved anymore, so im very pleased to find this. 
brogues are new to me, bt i always wanted a pair. those are too from asos, plus they were on sale, so without doubts, i added them to my shopping basket and bought those…XD
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 more pics of pocketed tee:
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Monday, 22 August 2011


Discrete, a New Zealand brand that makes awesome clothes. Here is a part of their 2010-2011 autumn/winter collection that I especially find very inspiring.  I like the oversizes design and longlined sleeveless shirts. 

if you dig this, please go on their site,

chessboard shirt

more chessboard pattern shirts:
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sup guys!

so, I'v been busy lately trying to finish a 3D model of my redesigned smoke alarm. and hopefully I will get the job at levi's.

This look was inspired by discrete’s autumn line 2010~2011. the whole collection is lyk a new expression of men’s shirt. its very unique. here is the link

my shirt is from asos, its sleeveless and longline designed with chessboard pattern. it was an on sale item, and i dont think its available anymore, that i fell in luv with almost instantly. plus the price was great.
I also got the top there too, its front draped and has a huge low neckline. its very stylish, and the material is comfortable indeed.
a pair of skinnies as usual, and those old time favor boots. btw they aint @ the top shape right now ever since i pulled one of the tongues out and teared the back... 

the whole didnt cost as much as I think. I do lyk discrete, but, I mean, I would neva afford their shirt with my financial status atm. but they are definitely worth to be checked out!   

hmmmm, I guess that is. tek care everyone,

Friday, 19 August 2011

Zilch logo

sup guys!!

I know I have not been updating much lately, Im so sorry about that, I mean, aint gonna lie, Im a very lazy dude, really don't think that I wuld be able to post things very day. I will definitely try to update more frequently...XD
Hmmm, yes, I just made this logo for my blog. It is fully done in photoshop cs5. (sorry I didn't upgrade to cs5.5, just didn't reckon it was that necessary). As u see, it is really simple. the white space between the 2 triangles becomes the ''Z''. The dark maroon dot is a borrowed element from the letter "i".
I did try 2 different concepts, another approach was the handwriting style. 

more concepts:

er...Im sorry  i dont own a scanner, but soon I'll get one...
anyway, take care and have a good day!


Sunday, 14 August 2011

a little fun of dacora

more decora looks:
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Sup guys

So this look, I know, mite be tooo much for some people. I wouldnt choose to wear lyk this normally, but I've always been inspired by japanese street fashion. And one of my faves is DECORA…. I always wanted to try it out!
DECORA is all about pastel colours(pink mainly) with polka dots, also wearing a lot of accessories on wrists and neck which usually contains beads. Character pouches are carried around on neck (character such as: Marie, Charmmykitty, Cinnamoroll, Super Lover panda, Hello Kitty, and Mini-Mouse). Some DECORA mite also purposely wear a pair of glasses.
I know its a bit girly for guys, but I think with right styling, it could work on boys as well!
I dont own a pink top, so I used purple instead. I was an accessory freak not anymore..XD. sum slim ties, i think, could get u theDECORA look without being too “sissy”..(dont get me wrong, im soo much a girly boy…its j for those macho boys…then i guess they wont do DECORA……ignore me. XD)
arm warmers and scarves brought more layers to this look…i put 2 scarves on around my waist.
last but not least, bright yellow sneakers!!!!

its all about accessories and colors!

thats it..have a good day~


elbow patches

more patches example:
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Sup guys, 

So this is my 1st post this blog.... =]

dont know why, I just suddenly got mad with retro clothes. Maybe im going vintage tooo…XD…I was in a 2ndhand store for about an hr and I found this and a grandpa jumper thats sooooo 60s. I will feature that one sooon.
I love patches, in fact, I used to ask my nana to sew sum on. and lately iv bin in luv with a shooting patched sweater on, but money is an issue for me… Still.
I am sooo pleased that i found this jumper, it is cream, oversized and of course patched!!!!!!!! I wore a tee underneath cuz of this jumper’s material.. I think its wool, I know its itchy to wear….lolz
and my shorts, they are brand new tho, are from void. I waited almost 5 months and finally they had a big sale…There was also another pair in gray, but i liked green ones more..=] (  dont use to like green, well I dont like green tbh...)

Hmmm, I think that will be it. welcome and enjoy. luv yas~