Sunday, 14 August 2011

elbow patches

more patches example:
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Sup guys, 

So this is my 1st post this blog.... =]

dont know why, I just suddenly got mad with retro clothes. Maybe im going vintage tooo…XD…I was in a 2ndhand store for about an hr and I found this and a grandpa jumper thats sooooo 60s. I will feature that one sooon.
I love patches, in fact, I used to ask my nana to sew sum on. and lately iv bin in luv with a shooting patched sweater on, but money is an issue for me… Still.
I am sooo pleased that i found this jumper, it is cream, oversized and of course patched!!!!!!!! I wore a tee underneath cuz of this jumper’s material.. I think its wool, I know its itchy to wear….lolz
and my shorts, they are brand new tho, are from void. I waited almost 5 months and finally they had a big sale…There was also another pair in gray, but i liked green ones more..=] (  dont use to like green, well I dont like green tbh...)

Hmmm, I think that will be it. welcome and enjoy. luv yas~


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