Monday, 22 August 2011

chessboard shirt

more chessboard pattern shirts:
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sup guys!

so, I'v been busy lately trying to finish a 3D model of my redesigned smoke alarm. and hopefully I will get the job at levi's.

This look was inspired by discrete’s autumn line 2010~2011. the whole collection is lyk a new expression of men’s shirt. its very unique. here is the link

my shirt is from asos, its sleeveless and longline designed with chessboard pattern. it was an on sale item, and i dont think its available anymore, that i fell in luv with almost instantly. plus the price was great.
I also got the top there too, its front draped and has a huge low neckline. its very stylish, and the material is comfortable indeed.
a pair of skinnies as usual, and those old time favor boots. btw they aint @ the top shape right now ever since i pulled one of the tongues out and teared the back... 

the whole didnt cost as much as I think. I do lyk discrete, but, I mean, I would neva afford their shirt with my financial status atm. but they are definitely worth to be checked out!   

hmmmm, I guess that is. tek care everyone,

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