Sunday, 14 August 2011

a little fun of dacora

more decora looks:
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Sup guys

So this look, I know, mite be tooo much for some people. I wouldnt choose to wear lyk this normally, but I've always been inspired by japanese street fashion. And one of my faves is DECORA…. I always wanted to try it out!
DECORA is all about pastel colours(pink mainly) with polka dots, also wearing a lot of accessories on wrists and neck which usually contains beads. Character pouches are carried around on neck (character such as: Marie, Charmmykitty, Cinnamoroll, Super Lover panda, Hello Kitty, and Mini-Mouse). Some DECORA mite also purposely wear a pair of glasses.
I know its a bit girly for guys, but I think with right styling, it could work on boys as well!
I dont own a pink top, so I used purple instead. I was an accessory freak not anymore..XD. sum slim ties, i think, could get u theDECORA look without being too “sissy”..(dont get me wrong, im soo much a girly boy…its j for those macho boys…then i guess they wont do DECORA……ignore me. XD)
arm warmers and scarves brought more layers to this look…i put 2 scarves on around my waist.
last but not least, bright yellow sneakers!!!!

its all about accessories and colors!

thats it..have a good day~


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