Friday, 19 August 2011

Zilch logo

sup guys!!

I know I have not been updating much lately, Im so sorry about that, I mean, aint gonna lie, Im a very lazy dude, really don't think that I wuld be able to post things very day. I will definitely try to update more frequently...XD
Hmmm, yes, I just made this logo for my blog. It is fully done in photoshop cs5. (sorry I didn't upgrade to cs5.5, just didn't reckon it was that necessary). As u see, it is really simple. the white space between the 2 triangles becomes the ''Z''. The dark maroon dot is a borrowed element from the letter "i".
I did try 2 different concepts, another approach was the handwriting style. 

more concepts:

er...Im sorry  i dont own a scanner, but soon I'll get one...
anyway, take care and have a good day!


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